CDBG Disaster Recovery

Downtown Gathering Place

National Disaster Resilience Program

Goal: Create a "Public Gathering Place"

The Downtown Community Gathering Place will be a public space where residents can enjoy special attributes of Minot and the surrounding region. Design and build-out of the space will be done through NDRC funds. Design elements of the gathering place may include historical and cultural features of Minot and surrounding region; a fountain dedicated to heroism of Minot's citizens, volunteers, and public servants who worked tirelessly before, during, and after the flood; walking paths and exercise areas; and may stage a regional farmers market, local festivals, and other applicable events.

Strategically located downtown, it will be accessible via car, bicycle or on foot. By creating a place where people can come together, this gathering place promotes a more vibrant and resilient downtown and will have a collective impact on various economic backgrounds which comprise the Minot community. Even through something as simple as a farmers market, the space not only celebrates regional food varieties of North Dakota's growing season, it becomes more than just a shopping trip, the gathering place becomes an integral part of a regional food system, a stimulus to the local Minot economy, and fosters social networks. The gathering place offers a place to connect with neighbors, meet local farmers, support local small businesses, and provide nutritious food to the community.

Main Street Square, Rapid City S.D.

Downtown Example in Rapid City

Main Street Square in Rapid City, South Dakota is an one example the City of Minot looks to when planning for a public gathering place.

Downtown Example in Rapid City 2

Program Goal Milestones

Public Gathering Places

  • Public Meetings held on 12/5/2017 and 12/18/2017