CDBG Disaster Recovery

Additional Property Acquisitions

National Disaster Resilience Program

Goal: Additional Acquisitions

Reducing flood risk to the community is essential to Minot's long-term recovery. An analysis of the lowest-lying areas along the river revealed many properties, including single-family residents, businesses, multi-unit properties, and mobile home parks, at a greater risk for flooding. Some of these areas will not be protected by the flood protection plan for many years, as it initially focuses on protecting critical utility systems. Some of these neighborhoods are also at risk from hazardous materials shipped on the rail lines that run along the river. Evaluation of these sites revealed opportunities to provide effective flood storage areas that can reduce future flood damage and losses and protect from potential hazardous material accidents.

June, 2011

Arrowhead Flooded

Program Goal Milestones

Buy-out Program

  • Began 2016