CDBG Disaster Recovery

About the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program

The federal government uses a program called Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to provide communities with resources that address a wide range of needs. These funds are flexible and help cities, counties and states recover from disasters particularly in low income communities. Some of the federal aid for areas affected by the 2011 Flood will come through this program in the form of Community Development Block Grant- Disaster Recovery funding. There will be several rounds of CDBG-DR funding. Our initial award is for $67.6 million with a future promise of $35 million as a second allocation. Please review the documents and information on this site to see how we plan to use this money.

Recent Announcements

July 8, 2015:   An Updated List of Rehabilitated Homes is now available

July 8, 2015:   A Map of the Location of Properties Suitable for Rehabilitation and Affordable is now available

June 10, 2015:  Public Comment Period 2nd Allocation Action Plan Amendment #2: Amendment #2

June 10, 2015:  Public Comment Period Initial Allocation Action Plan Amendment #10: Amendment #10

November 12, 2014:  Public Comment Period Initial Allocation Action Plan Amendment #9: Amendment #9

July 9, 2014:  Public Comment Period Initial Allocation Action Plan Amendment #8: Amendment #8

July 2, 2014:  Public Comment Period 2nd Allocation Action Plan Amendment #1: Amendment #1

March 25 2014:  Public Comment Period Action Plan Amendment #7: Amendment #7

October 2, 2013: Public Comment Period Action Plan Amendment #6: Amendment #6

August 12, 2013: Public Comment Period 2nd Allocation of  CDBG-DR Funds Read more...

June 28, 2013: Public Comment Period Action Plan Amendment #5: Amendment #5, Amendment #5 Table

April 17:  The City of Minot is accepting bids on the Structure Demolition and Site Restoration Project (P#3755). Read More...

April 10: The City of Minot is now accepting RFPs for the 2nd allocation of CDGB-DR funds. Read More...

April 9: Amendment #4 to the CDBG-DR Action Plan has completed.

April 2: Amendment #4 to the CDBG-DR Action Plan has been drafted.

March 28: The City of Minot will receive a second allocation of $35 million from the CDBG-DR program. 

February 28: Amendment 3 to the CDBG disaster recovery plan has been drafted. 

Help Us!

Citizen's Participation Plan & Procedures for Comments, Objections, & Complaints

Citizen participation is an essential component of the Citywide planning effort. The City of Minot strongly encourages public participation in identifying community needs. Citizens and other interested parties are given an opportunity for reasonable and timely access to information relating to the Action Plan and the use of the Disaster Recovery Funds under the Disaster Recovery Program. Non-English speaking individuals and individuals with disabilities may request auxiliary aids and service necessary for participation by contacting Tami Stroklund, Executive Secretary, at PO Box 5006, Minot, North Dakota, 58702-5006, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Alternatively, they may access the State of North Dakota assistance at the following numbers:

800.366.6888 or 711:TTY
800.366.6889 or 711:Voice
800.435.8590 or 711:Spanish
877.366.3709 : 900 Services
877.366.3709 : Speech To Speech 

Section 504 Certification

The City of Minot does hereby certify, that as a recipient of HUD Disaster Recovery Community Development Block Grant funds, all activities of this grant and any federal assistance will be operated in compliance with requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

As a local government with 15 or more employees, the City of Minot further certifies that it has appointed  the  Human Resources Director as the designated Section 504 Coordinator (24 CFR 8.53), and adopted a Section 504 Grievance Procedure on March 6, 2013, (24 CFR 8.53), and made posting on this Web Site ( and publication in the Minot Daily News as means of providing for continuing notification of participants, beneficiaries, applicants, and employees that it does not discriminate on the basis of handicap in its federally assisted programs (24 CFR 8.54). The entire 504 Policy and Grievance Procedure is available on the Web Site found at under Policy/General Policies/Minot 504 Policy and Grievance Procedure.

Signed Certificate